Buying Toys for Toddlers

One way in which to help your toddler develop their skills is to buy toys that will engage and excite them. This guide offers useful advice to parents looking to buy toddler toys.

How to select toys for your toddler?

At this time of their life your child is just barely discovering the world in which they live in and their abilities, such as climbing, running and jumping. There is no doubt that choosing a toy that stimulates and satisfies your toddler can be a real challenge. Therefore it is important that you always make sure that you have their own interests and needs in mind, as well as know what skills they need to develop as he or she grows up.

What values does a toy need to offer a toddler?

- Stimulus (sensory – e.g. sounds, smell, sight, touch, etc)
- An outlet for their creativity
- Freedom
- Supervision
- Companionship
- Challenges

What type of toys should I buy for my toddler?

As toddlers in particular become restless very quickly they need a significant amount of supervision and interaction. Therefore, several factors must be considered before making your decision. The following information highlights the type of toys you should buy depending on your child’s age.

1 year – 1.5 years old: – On average most babies start to begin to walk when they are one year old. This new found ability will make them very eager to explore their new surroundings, therefore resulting in development of their leg muscles as well their motor skills.

Recommended toys: stuffed animals, building blocks, swing sets, ride-ons and simple musical instruments.

1.5 years – 2 years old: – After the preliminary stage of being able to walk the child begin to develop their imagination and their interest to solve problems, such as being able to match up objects by specific criteria (colour, shape or size). This period of growth also sees them speaking and learning an astounding number of new words.

Recommended toys: puppets, dolls, playhouses, balloons, puzzles, costumes, storybooks and climbing structures.

2 years – 3years old: – During this phase of growth the child likes to imitate grown-ups, develop coordination and control as well express their views.

Recommended toys: tricycles, blackboard and chalk, crayons, modelling dough, stuffed animals and water toys.